On demand service offering fast access or returns for National Park expeditions such as tramping, climbing, hunting & fishing.  


From 3rd December - 5th May

From 22nd December - 27th January

From 10th December - 31st March

West Bay & Whiskey falls on demand 


For day walkers enjoying the tranquil lakeside tracks with the unique flora and fauna and beautiful mountain vistas. Delivery or collection by water taxi adds more perspective to your experience in paradise.

Option 1 - Lakehead Track

Allow 3-3.5 hours walk, plus 20 minute boat ride.

Option 2 - Brunner Peninsula

Allow 1-2 hours walk, plus 10 minute boat ride.

Option 3 - Whiskey Falls via Mt Robert Road

Allow 4 hours walk from Kerr Bay, 3 hours walk from West Bay, plus a 15 minute boat road.


Lake Head Cruise

Duration: about 1 hour
Hear about the formation of the lake flora and fauna as well as the human history of the area and watch the mountains close in on us as the lake narrows to the start of the Travis Valley. Come and see why the Nelson Lakes District was once selected for the filming of some of Enid Blyton's adventures and see New Zealand as it used to be.

Sunset Cruise

Duration: about 1 hour
We cruise around beautiful West Bay at the base of Mt Robert as we watch the sun set on the Southern Alps.

Other Charters


Paddling offers a tranquil relaxing way to experience & enjoy the Lakes beauty. We offer novice single person canoes/kayaks, plus Canadian open canoes, ( suitable for 3 adults & a picnic ), plus row boat. 

During the summer holidays we are based on the Kerr Bay beach front. During the rest of the year hire can be arranged for a minimum of two hrs.

Please note: No solo hire due to safety reasons


We offer year round guided fishing for brown trout, from a powered vessel. This is by trolling ,(1 or 2 people). Best done early morning, or in the evening. Subject to availability.


We offer winder ice skate hire for children and adults, conditions permitting.